SEO Basics for Small Business

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SEO Basics

So everyone who creates a website must think about SEO, landing page design, conversion rate, PPC, and much more. But the crucial thing you must know basics of SEO if you are running a website. The best people who needs this information are those who are blogs websites. SEO is essential if you want to boost your website. SEO is best to learn for every type of business. You need to learn what is a keyword or what is link building you will get the answers in this short guide. This guide gives you knowledge about how google understand your site, the content of the site and the structure of site. If you don’t have a website just create one because applying SEO is easier to learn. Use WordPress because it’s free and it’s important to play with SEO. Let’s get started.

How you help Google to understand your website?

First thing you know there are crawlers who crawl the web which are also known as google robots. The main work of these crawlers is to read the page and try to understand the content. Theses robots also understand the layout of the page. You should work with SEO practically to tell google what you are presenting for audience. The most important things to give clear idea of your niche or topic to google is to provide titles and images.

Using Keywords for your Site:

Let’s talk about the some right words which you have to write in your website so you can get exactly your audience.

What are keywords?

Keyword is a phrase which you decided and you want to use on your site because when someone search for that particular phrase they will find your site or specific page. Your keyword is targeting phrase on which you want to show your website.  How google decide to present your site to the people that is Keywords.

How to Choose Right Keyword Research Tool?

Google keyword Planner is one of the popular and great keyword finder tool which is totally free and give you a lot of information about keyword. You can even download the file which contain keywords and estimate monthly volume with forecast. Paid Tools are typically for limited research in free trial. They usually get 30 to 60 dollar per month. The popular Paid SEO Tools are semrush , ahref and kwfinder.

Content Creation:

After getting your keywords the next thing is to create a content which should be SEO Friendly and have those keywords which you selected for your niche. Content creation takes some time because when you are creating a content piece for a website you should remember your audience and product you are selling. It is necessary to describe the pain point in content. After creating a great content for website it is mandatory to do on page seo of the website. On page SEO consists of your meta title and description, keyword density, internal and outbound linking.

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