protect your Business with TeleNoc’s Cybersecurity Services.
Protect your business from cyber theats with TeleNoc’s
Expert cybersecurity solutions. from theat detectio and response to risk assessment and compliance, our team has you covered.

Leading CyberSecurity Services & Solutions

The business world has entered an era where cyber challenges are more frequent and more likely to significant impact It operations. This is creating a huge demand for transformational cybersecurity and risk consulting services focused on modernizing and securing global enterprises.

CyberTransform includes strategy and implementation services that will help organizations take a modern approch to security, embrace a transition to the cloud, and allow internal employees, customers and external third parties to operate in virtual, digital supply chains – all in a highly secure manner

Leading CyberSecurity
services & solutions

TeleNoc expert Cybersecurists bring a unique understanding of the risk and compliance trends driving digital transformations and the need for a strategy-first approach.

This includes Quick start solutions enabled by IP accelerators, along with automated regulatory compliance subscription services to help customers enhance boardroom governance of cybersecurity risk, maintain compliance in an evolving regulatory environment and embed cyber resilience into their business DNA.

TtELENOC CyberSecurity Services

Cyber Security Goverence

Cloud Security Services

Risk & Maturity Assessment

Application Security

Digital Forensics

Managed Security Services

Legacy Archiving Consultancy

Data & Network Security

Endpoint & Server Security

Identity & Access Management

CyberSecurity assessment (VA/PT) Services By TELENOC

Provide the best, most intuitive support across all channels. Proactively understand customer needs to serve excellence the first time.

Application Security Assement

Network Security Assessment

Wireless Security Assessment

API Security Assessment

Database Security Assessment

IOT Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Website Security Assessment

Secure Code Review

Host level Security Assessment

Threat Vulnerability Security Assessment

Thickclient Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Open Source Intelligence

GRC & Risk Management Services


Network Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Virtual Private Network
Content Filtering
Secure Remote Access
Network Access Control
Denial of Service Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Threat detection and response

Endpoint Security

Real-time malware detection & removal
Advanced threat protection
Firewall and intrusion prevention
Web filtering and URL blocking
Email security and spam filtering
Application control and whitelisting
Device control and data loss prevention
Data encryption and secure file sharing
Endpoint detection and response
Vulnerability management
Automated security policy enforcement

Cloud Security

Identity and access management
Vulnerability assessments
API security
Container security
Virtual machine security
Application security
Security information & event management
Cloud access security brokers (CASB)
Cloud workload protection
Cloud security posture management

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Data backup and recovery
Disaster recovery planning & testing
Continuous data protection
Automatic data replication
Offsite data storage and replication
Data encryption
Redundant storage systems
Rapid data recovery
Data loss prevention and recovery
Backup and recovery automation
Business continuity planning & testing

Project Management

Bank office Support

Solution Design & Consultancy

Red team

Technical Implementation

Reources Augmentation

SLA Based 24/7 Managed Services

System migration & integration



“Attain recognition as a trusted partner by engaging, empowering & enabling our customers to make better informed business decisions using Information technology”


“To empower & enable our customers to make informed decisions we will explore, innovate & perform with diligence. As a part of global ICT industry we will introduce technology & services that are unique & reliable by meeting the requirement of the stakeholders & our customers. We will contribute our experience in developing the Saudi IT market & nurture local talent to create dynamic leaders”

10+ Local Experience

Onsite Consultant for Quick Support

Proactive & Energtic on Cyber Challenges

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TeleNoc is recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. TeleNoc champions optimized utilization of resources,
capital and talent. We are a trusted partner of choice for businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technological innovations. In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be more responsive to changing customer needs. TeleNoc is well positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new markets.. Being focused gives us immense flexibility to tailor our solutions and services as per our clients’ unique demands


Finical Services

Protect transaction, data and business operations

Health Care

Optimize outcomes and that patient experience.


Safely modernize OTand exceed compliance requirements, even in harsh enviorments.


Prevent Plant Disruption and theft of Intellectual property.

Oil and Gas

Secure distributed environments and prevent cyberthreats from impacting IT or OT networks.

Public Sector

Modernize operations without increasing risk, safeguard data and protect critical infrastructure


Secure data and apps in e-commerce, point-of- sale networks, stores and distribution centers.

Service Provider

Support transformation opportunities while managing risk-for network convergence, 5G, loT and more


Maintain resillence and compliance as you move to start grids.

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