TeleNoc Suite

TeleNoc Suite Dashboard

TeleNoc Suite Major Modules:

  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Payroll Management System
  • Sites Management System
  • CM Tickets Management System
  • PM Alarms Management System
  • Fueling Management System
  • Docs Management System
  • Fleet Management System
  • Vehicles Tracking System
  • Alerts & Emails Notifications Management
  • Bugs Tracker
  • Admin

What is TeleNoc Suite?

  • Flexible and user friendly CMS specially designed & developed for telecom related managed service contracts.
  • Active & Passive Tracking of activities.
  • Standard space for GSM Sites management.
  • Complete recordings of CM & PM  activities along with feedbacks and follow ups.
  • Auto SMS, Email and PN (Push Notifications) Alerts.
  • Comprehensive reports and customized search engines.
  • HR and Payroll management system.
  • TeleNoc Suite is fully endorsed by MidisGroup (Alexmar), Mobily, STC, Ericsson and Zain to support their NOC.
  • Secured at multiple levels.
  • Available at Intranet, Internet, iOS and Android platform.
  • Easier data migration from other applications.
  • Team distribution and relocation.
  • Timers: No need of manual page refreshing.
  • Complete details related to activities at single space. Minimizing operator load!
  • Diminishing Excel hassle. All work on Application.
  • Documentary issues resolved.
  • Centralized & synchronized contents.
  • Data security, accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Maintaining complete history of activities.
  • Black box to store complete profiles of modules.
  • Real time tracking of different activities.
  • Minimizing risk of frauds.