SonicWall is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that protect businesses, schools, and government organizations from cyber threats. With a wide range of products and services, SonicWall has the tools you need to safeguard your network, data, and users from the latest cyber threats.

SonicWall Products

SonicWall offers a variety of products to help you protect your organization from cyber threats. These include next-generation firewalls, secure remote access solutions, email security, and more. Each product is designed to meet the unique needs of different organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.


Next Generation Firewall

Next-generation firewall for SMB, Enterprise, and Government

Security Services

Comprehensive security for your network security solution.

Network Security Manager

Modern Security Management for today's security landscape.


Capture ATP

Multi-engine advanced threat detection

Capture Security appliance

Advanced Threat Protection for modern threat landscape


Cloud Edge Secure Access

Deploy Zero-Trust Security in minutes

Secure Mobile Access

Remote, best-in-class, secure access

Wireless Access Points

Easy to manage, fast and secure Wi-Fi


High-speed network switching for business connectivity


Email Security

Protect against today's advanced email threats


Cloud App Security

Visibility and security for Cloud Apps

Cloud Firewall (NS v)

Next-generation firewall capabilities in the cloud


Capture Client

Stop advanced threats and rollback the damage caused by malware

Content Filtering Client

Control access to unwanted and unsecure web content

Features & Benefits of SonicWall

Advanced threat protection

SonicWall's next-generation firewalls use a multi-engine approach to detect and block known and unknown cyber threats in real-time.

'Single-pane-of-glass' Management & Reporting

Manage everything from one location with Network Security Manager, a unified firewall management system that scales for any environment.

Superior Performance & Features

Get advanced threat protection quickly without compromising performance. The latest TZ firewalls offer expandable storage, redundant power, and SonicExpress onboarding.

Deep Memory Inspection

Block even the most advanced attacks with Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMITM and Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Secure remote access

SonicWall's remote access solutions allow users to securely connect to the organization's network from anywhere, without compromising security.

SD-WAN and Zero-Touch Deployment Capabilities

SonicWall Secure SD-WAN integrates with TZ firewalls without requiring an additional license, & scales quickly with Deployment capability.

Email security

SonicWall's advanced email security solutions protect against spam, phishing, and other sophisticated email-borne threats.

SSL/TLS Decryption and Inspection

Leverage industry-leading decryption and inspection of TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic in real time, along with TLS 1.3 Support

Integrated Security Solution

Choose optional PoE and Wi-Fi options with deep integration of SonicOS operating system to deliver an integrated gateway security solution.

Why TeleNoc?

Our team of certified SonicWall professionals is instrumental in identifying customer pain points and ensuring successful deployment when it comes to implementing and managing SonicWall solutions. Our extensive experience as cybersecurity experts, coupled with our deep understanding of the product and its features, ensures that your data is always protected and kept up-to-date. We are adept at identifying vulnerabilities and taking the necessary steps to mitigate the risks associated with internet exposure, thus providing comprehensive protection for your organization.

SonicWall Wireless Network Manager: Cloud-Based Network Management of Wireless Access Points