Collaboration for Care: Telenoc and Medinous Power Advanced Hospital Management Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is  one of the fastest-growing digital health markets in the GCC, with the government allocating over US$1.5 billion for healthcare IT and digital transformation programmes.  As a key player, Telenoc looks to harness this momentum and redefine healthcare through innovative technology solutions.

Our partnership with Medinous, a renowned global provider of healthcare management solutions for hospitals and clinics, looks to capitalise on this unprecedented expansion in health infrastructure.

The Need for Advanced Healthcare Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Vision 2030, emphasizes the critical role of technology in making healthcare services more efficient, patient-centered, and accessible to all citizens. The integration of state-of-the-art healthcare technologies is pivotal for the ongoing development and sustainability of the sector.

Medinous and the Suite of Products  

At Telenoc, we are proud to partner with Medinous, a leader in hospital and clinic management systems with over 25 years in healthcare technology and presence across 14 countries.

Medinous offers scalable, user-friendly products for hospitals and clinics, supporting healthcare professionals in managing clinical and administrative tasks efficiently. Their innovative systems are suitable for a wide range of healthcare settings.

Hospital Management Systems: Enterprise and Spectrum

Enterprise: The Enterprise a full featured hospital management system, with over 30 modules, manages complex operations, high volume of patients and data making it ideal for large healthcare facilities. It includes modules for patient management, specialty wise EMR and doctor’s module, nursing, operation theatre, billing, inventory management, laboratory and radiology management, and more.

Spectrum: Spectrum is tailored for mid-sized hospitals, offering a balance of comprehensive functionality and ease of use.

Clinic Management Systems: Fusion, Fusion+, and Fusion Pro

Medinous Fusion is a simplified, easy to use versatile solution designed exclusively for clinics. It is available in three variants—Fusion for small clinics & polyclinics, Fusion Plus for mid-sized clinics and medical complexes, and Fusion Pro for day care centers.

Seamless Third-Party Integration: Expanding Functionality

By integrating advanced features across various functionalities and specialties, Medinous offers an extensive library of industry-tested interfaces and customizable tools. This includes support for PACS, uni-directional and bi-directional lab equipment, queue management, SMS integration and more. Additionally, Medinous provides seamless integrations with payer systems for electronic approvals and claims, human resource management software, BI tools, ICD databases, drug databases, and speech-to-text editors, effectively eliminating data fragmentation and streamlining healthcare management.

NPHIES Compliance and ZATCA Integration

Medinous supports compliance with NPHIES to streamline the submission and management of insurance claims, making it easier for healthcare facilities to comply with regulatory requirements. It also ensures compatibility with NPHIES codes, facilitating accurate and efficient data exchange between healthcare providers and the NPHIES portal.

Medinous integrates with ZATCA (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority) to ensure that financial and tax compliance requirements are met.

This dual compliance ensures that healthcare providers can operate within the regulatory framework required in the Kingdom while focusing on delivering quality patient care.

Successful ZATCA Integration with Medinous for Leading Clinic in Makkah

A prominent clinic in Makkah, a client of Medinous, needed assistance in compliance with Fatoorah and Saudi Arabian Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) regulations. We partnered with Medinous to enable integration with ZATCA Software.  The e-invoices generated within the robust billing module of the Clinic Management System (CMS) are checked for all necessary information like unique identifiers and QR codes. Once validated, the e-invoices are sent to ZATCA in the required format through integration with Odoo. After approval from ZATCA, the invoices are archived and then sent back to the CMS. Finally, the clinic issues the approved e-invoices to buyers electronically or prints them as needed. The clinic staff can view the status of the e-invoice submissions and resubmit specific cases if required.

This streamlined workflow significantly reduces manual errors, ensures compliance, and boosts operational efficiency. The successful collaboration between Telenoc and Medinous highlights our commitment to delivering innovative and compliant healthcare solutions, ultimately improving patient satisfaction.

The Partnership Between Telenoc and Medinous

Looking ahead, Telenoc and Medinous are committed to continuous innovation. We will stay at the forefront of healthcare technology and ensure our solutions continually evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We invite healthcare providers to join us in this journey and leverage our integrated solutions to meet the expectations of the modern patient. Contact us today to learn more about Medinous hospital management systems.