Telenoc is Barracuda Partner in Saudi Arabia providing barracuda firewalls and barracuda products like seagate barracuda, baracuda waf, barracuda esg , barracuda load balancer, barracuda storage, barracuda f18, barracuda f180 , barracuda f280.

Protect Your Financial Services Business from Cyber Threats and Ensure Compliance

Barracuda is a leading provider of cybersecurity and data protection solutions, empowering businesses to defend against evolving threats. Trusted globally, Barracuda offers innovative products and services for advanced data protection, secure networks, regulatory compliance, and enhanced cybersecurity resilience. Strengthen your security with Barracuda's comprehensive solutions. TeleNoc is leading Barracuda Partner in Saudi Arabia.

Key Products

Email Protection

Safeguard your business from email-based cyber-attacks with Barracuda's comprehensive protection. With multiple layers of defense, including gateway defense, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness, Barracuda ensures the security and integrity of your email infrastructure. Trust Barracuda for robust email protection solutions.

Application Protection

Protect your web applications and public cloud infrastructure effortlessly with Barracuda's integrated solutions. Experience advanced security measures that are easy to deploy and manage. Safeguard your assets with comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind for your business

Network Security

Barracuda's Cloud Generation Network Firewalls are the industry's first purpose-built solutions for cloud-connected, on-premises, and hybrid networks. We protect your users, applications, and data across any infrastructure. With secure connections and cost-saving consumption-based pricing, Barracuda ensures reliable network protection for your business.

Data Protection

Barracuda simplifies data protection for your business, allowing easy backup to any location, including the public cloud. Say goodbye to managing multiple backup solutions from different vendors. With Barracuda, securely back up your Microsoft 365 data, including emails, for comprehensive protection. All data is replicated to the secure Barracuda cloud, offering unlimited storage capacity and peace of mind.

Why TeleNoc?

TeleNoc is Barracuda Partner in Saudi Arabia , We offer a wide range of services for Barracuda solutions, including:

Security consulting

Technical support

Managed security services

Project management


Systems integration

TeleNoc, a leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specializes in providing top-notch security solutions. Our primary objective is to deliver the latest and most advanced solutions to ensure our clients feel secure and protected. Continuously striving for excellence, we constantly enhance our products and services to offer the best possible experience to our customers. With a dedicated team of certified Barracuda engineers, we handle all administrative and technical tasks with professionalism and deliver high-quality work.